Another yhg E fake Jewish line?

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Studying the E-PH3893 line of Cipollini tested from Marco Grassi and linked to Napoleone Buonaparte, but perhaps not so recently that may make us think that the link could be also very old and not from medieval ages, I saw that the E-M35 descendants of the oldest lines are much more European than from elsewhere. The Jewish line is downstream E-Y6923
E-Y6923 Y6935 * Y6942 * Y6925+30 SNPs formed 5400 ybp, TMRCA 1550 ybp
• E-Y6923*
o id:YF08852
but actually downstream E-Y6938
E-Y6938 Y6938 * Y6940 * Y21739 formed 1550 ybp, TMRCA 1200 ybp

The true E-Y6923* (YF08852) is Rosado from Puerto Rico (Ysearch 2DK3P). Of course Jews may think that he is a crypto Jew, a converted or what they desire, but also this time the Jewish line descends from one person younger and only 1200 years old as to YFull.

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