Haplogroup G in Wales

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H2a2a1 (rCRS)
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G2a1c2a1b-L487 (old codification G2a3b1a2-L497) came from North-West Caucasus G2a1c2a (old G2a3b), frequency from 25% to 65% in NW Caucasus, to Central Europe during LBK some 7700 years  ago probably (G2a3 was found in ancient dna of the German LBK).

Now, G2a1c2a1b varies from a maximum of 4-7% in North-Italy, Tyrol, Switzerland and South Germany to less than 2% in Britanic Islands (excepted Wales), Scandinavia and  Eastern Europe(excepted 2-4% in Moldavia and Romania).

Wales has a frequency greater than 2% and  a special marker dys594=11 known since several years. In FTDNA, they are grouped in a special subclade G2a1c2a1b1c...DYS594=11 & closely related in page 6/7 of http://www.familytreedna.com/public/g-y ... ycolorized

The names are 6 Williams, 5 Jones, 5 Griffin, 5 Thomas, 4 Bird, 2 Greever, 2 Wigington, 2 Walter, 2Jenkins, 2 Griffith, Rippy, Pitts, Lewis, Taylor, Anderson, Howard, Canniff, Mangum, Crow, Griffiths, Roderick, Wamsley, MacLaughlin(Petersen), Delong(DELange), Vizenor,  Doughty .

2 years ago, I tried to find new subclades. I found the welsh group was distinguished by several assembled markers (including dys594=11) :

385b=15   458>16   413a=21 594=11  446<19   572=10    plus  frequent values r 449<31  456>15   576>15    570=17    444>13   464c=13

I found the "Welsh" group is included in a larger group defined by  385b=15   458>16 with the names
5 Allen, 2 Timms, Frantz, Pasak, Schock, 2 Griffin, Karcher, Bieser, Wildey, Politis, Beckner, Van Hise.

Other subgroups in the larger group
- Group 385b=15, 447=22, 458=17
3 Williams, 2 Thomas, 2 Jones, 2 Watson, Morgan, King, Coe, Douglas, Forster, Blaney, Page, Mitchell, Phillips, Greever, Taylor, Anderson, Gough, Griffith, Johnson, Kincaid

- Group 385b=15, 439=12, 458>16
10 Booher, 2 Stockton, Souders, Dubs, Friberg, Desmond, Ayers, Greever, Kyle, Beckner

This proves the sub-clades (DYS594=11, ...), (385b=15, 447=22, 458=17), (385b=15, 439=12, 458>16) are born from the subclade 385b=15, 458=17 in Wales (or neighbouring counties).

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