How many scholars to flop haplogroup G?

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Thanks to Steven Perkins for having posted on Rootsweb the paper of Rootsi et al., “Distinguishing the co-ancestries of haplogroup G Y-chromosomes in the populations of Europe and the Caucasus”, EJHG (2012) 20, 1275-1282. Of course the paper isn’t for free, but are free the supplements. In the past not only I have claimed to Europe and Italy G-L497 (as they do too), but I have expressed many doubts about a Caucasian origin. About G-M377 I think having demonstrated that the Italian haplotypes are the most ancient.

In the abstract they say: “Although no basal G-M201* chromosome were detected in our data set”

Only a few days ago Scozzari et al. seem having found a G-M201 in Italy, even though without asterisk. If true, why? We are waiting to know if it is just M201*.

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