Big Y results (L497) with Ray Banks comments

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I was G2a-P15>L30>L141>P303>L140>L497>Z725>Z726>CTS4803

On March,18th, I was the first member of haplogroup G result to receive Big Y results (ordered on Nov,11th. I had 625 known SNPs (613 High, 8 Medium) and 250 "Novel variants" (207 High, 43 Medium)
As I was the first one to receive, Ray Banks accepted to do a detailed analysis from VCF file.

I am now G2a-P15>L30>L141>P303>L140>L497>Z725>Z726>CTS4803>S2803
He found as real new variants "My best guess is 23 with abt 5 with cautionary warnings."

After a quick analysis, he commented the 250 "Novel variants" :

28 are "new"
8 are "new,palindrom"
46 are now named SNPs (he gives the names including S2803), including 1 MULTIHAPLOGROUP, 4 "erraticaly in L140 men", 1 both.

1 "seems in all L497 men but problem"
4 "seems part of an indel"
1 "showing up erratically in all sorts of P303 men. Many no reads".
1 "very bad area but seen in most L497 men"
1 "also found in S23438, rest no reads"
3 "doubtful area"
23 "end of Y which never is OK"
1 "erratically in G men, very bad area"
5 "erraticaly in L140 men"
3 "erraticaly throughout G'
3 "erraticaly throughout G-weak area"
1 "extremely bad area but shows in a few G area".
1 "found in L497 men but FGC data compiscuously absent"
1 "found in one FGC test; other L497 no calls"
1 "varied results within G"
3 "heterozygous"
1 "in other L140 men, but lots of no calls- palindrome"
1 "in all L497 men, but many no reads"
2 MULTIHAPLOGROUP and heterozygous.

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