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Possible new H1a SNP identified.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:32 am
by Donald Locke
One of the Romany H1a men ordered the Geno 2.0 test and his results came back H - PF1074.
This could be an indication of a new downstream SNP of H1a = M82 being identified.
I am going to order the Geno 2 test for myself just to see if Geno finds me being H - PF1074 as well.

To early to be sure, but this could be a new H1a downstream SNP being identified by the Geno 2 test, or could just be a private SNP for this one participant. But my gut instinct is telling me it won't be a private SNP for just his paternal lineage because he is a genetic match to all the
H1a Romany and he too carries the 425 = null marker mutation, and that suggests to me all the Romany H1a men could potentially be found carrying PF1074 as well.

I have always suspected that might be the case, that the Romany H1a men may actually be in a deeper subclade of H1a, but had no way to prove it. It will prove interesting to see if other Romany M82 - H1a order the Geno 2 test and also test positive for PF1074+