Q-M25 has 117 valid private SNPs, according to YFull

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Kit 53601 is a Q-M25 of Irish patrilineage who submitted his Big Y results to YFull for evaluation. The count: 117 best-and acceptable-quality private SNPs (not including SNPs previously named). According to Michał's rule of thumb (150 years per YFull-validated SNP), that indicates an age of divergence (from the "usual" Q-M25) of 17,500 years.
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to draw attention to a very interesting project of genetic genealogy, which studies very rare, mysterious and ancient haplogroup Q-L712. The merit of this project is, inter alia, a discovery of substructures of haplogroup Q-M25 (in former nomenclature Q1a2).

Feel free to visit the website of the project (where you can find more information):

https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/yd ... background

Many circumstances indicate that the Q-L712 may have Hunnic roots. We find Q-L712 among others in the group of Szekely from Transylvania, who say that they come in a straight line from Attila the Hun and his youngest son Csaba. Szekely legend, ignored by many scientists, are beginning to be worthy of more attention in the context of recent archaeological discoveries in the cemetery of archeological Hunnic-Sarmatian culture of Bronze and Iron Ages, were thearchaeologists have foundan archaicDNA with the haplogroup Q-L712 (which was first discovered in the genetic profile of the member of our project). Thus the archaeologicalY-DNA samples match living people! Szekler origin has not been explained to this day, and we hope to shed new light on this mystery.

Another interesting puzzle is a link between the Szekely group, Balkaria-Digora group and the Arab group within the Q-M25 Y-DNA haplogroup. We have manyother challenges in our project.

To answer these interesting questions, we need a lot of research. For this reason, we take care of the budget. Asvolunteers, we do this by funding a number of studies from our own pockets.

However, it would welcome any financial support from people wishing to donate these interesting activities. Every financial support will help to go a small step forward. We will be verygrateful forany help.

https://www.familytreedna.com/group-gen ... x?g=Q-L712

Best regards
Project Administrators
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