A calibrated human Y-chromosomal phylogeny based on resequen

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Major paper about high coverage Y-sequence available as advance online article. It is about the phylogeny and SNPs of 36 human Y chromosomes.

A calibrated human Y-chromosomal phylogeny based on resequencing

Wei Wei, Qasim Ayub, Yuan Chen, Shane McCarthy, Yiping Hou, Ignazio Carbone, Yali Xue, Chris Tyler-Smith


We have identified variants present in high-coverage complete sequences of 36 diverse human Y chromosomes from Africa, Europe, South Asia, East Asia and the Americas representing eight major haplogroups. After restricting our analysis to 8.97 Mb of unique male-specific Y sequence, we identified 6,662 high-confidence variants including SNPs, MNPs and indels. We constructed phylogenetic trees using these variants, or subsets of them, and recapitulated the known structure of the tree. Assuming a male mutation rate of 1x10-9 per bp per year, the time depth of the tree (haplogroups A3-R) was about 101-115 thousand years, and the lineages found outside Africa dated to 57-74 thousand years, both as expected. In addition, we dated a striking Paleolithic male lineage expansion to 41-52 thousand years ago and the node representing the major European Y lineage, R1b, to 4-13 thousand years ago, supporting a Neolithic origin for these modern European Y chromosomes. In all, we provide a nearly 10-fold increase in the number of Y markers with phylogenetic information, and novel historical insights derived from placing them on a calibrated phylogenetic tree.

Received May 16, 2012.
Accepted October 2, 2012.

© 2012, Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

This manuscript is Open Access.

http://genome.cshlp.org/content/early/2 ... ml?papetoc
advance online article does not include some Supplemental Figure and Table :(
DNA/Admixture Central Europe (Alps, Tyrol, Dolomites, Raetia); Y-DNA J2a-L1064, J2a-L210, R1a-M17, R1b-U106 (L48-); mtDNA J1b1b, J1c1d, U5a2b2, U5b1b1. Projects : J2-M172, J2a-PF5197, Alpine DNA, ISOGG Wiki

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