J1a has been superceded

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Is there any DNA company out there still assigning people to J1a?

Here is a diagram of the top level branches of J from the latest (that I know of) "On the Structure and Age of Haplogroup JT ˗ A Phylogenetic Tour"


Also in "On the Structure and Age of Haplogroup JT ˗ A Phylogenetic Tour" by Jim Logan, he writes:

Irregularities in both J2 and its subclades, especially J2a, indicate that they are clearly neither young nor fast growing. Although not the primary cause of the non-regular profile, it is significant to point out that due to homoplasies of 16145 and 16261; earlier definitions of what is now called J2a were thought to be part of J1. When the error was discovered, J1a was renamed J2a and the J1a name retired (Palanichamy, et al, 2004).

I'd like to point out, however, that many who used to be classified as J1a were reassigned as other subclades than J2a. I started out as J1a* and am now J1c3.
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