R1a1b article based on 1000 Genomes Project

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ChrisR wrote:Proof that Rocca et al. 2012 is used by classical research fields:

Nice! Which seminar was that slide from?
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VinceT wrote:Nice! Which seminar was that slide from?

Increasing phylogenetic resolution still informative for Y-chromosomal studies on West-European populations
Marten HD Larmuseau, Vanderheyden N, Van Oven M, Kayser M, Decorte R (Leuven, Belgium)

DNA in Forensics 2012 - Exploring the Phylogenies
Innsbruck, Sep 06-08 2012

Many speakers also gave reference to ISOGG Y-tree and ISOGG Y-SNP list.
DNA/Admixture Central Europe (Alps, Tyrol, Dolomites, Raetia); Y-DNA J2a-L1064, J2a-L210, R1a-M17, R1b-U106 (L48-); mtDNA J1b1b, J1c1d, U5a2b2, U5b1b1. Projects : J2-M172, J2a-PF5197, Alpine DNA, ISOGG Wiki

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