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320 PAGE069
CTS1872, IMS-JST002611, KL1, L467, PAGE069, S16236(also found at J-M241), S27468

321 PAGE125
F450, IMS-JST021354, P164, PAGE125, S26886, S350(also found at E-P182,E-P278,one R1b-S474), S6200(also found at 1463 R1b-S530)

322 M188
CTS10688(also found at 397 R1a-S542), CTS6290, IMS-JST021354, M188, PF1252(CG)?, S27533(also found at 8,1957 E-M78)

1673 CTS2458
CTS11967, CTS2458, CTS2498, CTS4588, CTS5059, CTS5473, CTS6864, CTS7621, CTS7629, CTS8745, CTS9501, L246, L466, L83, M119, M307, PAGE020, PF6780(also found at 598 R1b-S1136,665 R1b-S356), S27129, S27137, S293(also found at 1464 R1b-S68)

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