Q-L527* in Sardinia

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Francalacci writes: "Haplogroup Q, present in our sample in a single individual (sample 957) and classified as Q1a3c-L527 (Figure 8), is rare in Europe, and according to Karafet et al. [17] might have originated in Central Asia (pp. 6-7)".
This is the tree:

Q-L527 FGC6928/Y4809 * FGC6956/Y4823 * FGC6914/Y2638... 108 SNPs formed 16100 ybp, TMRCA 2800 ybp
Q-Y15617 Y15617 * Y15619 * Y15618... 14 SNPs formed 2800 ybp, TMRCA 1150 ybp
id:YF02991 SWE [SE-S]
id:YF03476 SWE [SE-S]
id:YF03854 new
The problem is to see if it is close to the downstream Y15617 samples, and could be of recent immigration, or if it is the witness of an older presence. The 118 private SNPs have to be verified.

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