Genetic affinities of Ukrainians from the mtDNA perspective

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This looks a lot better than most mtDNA studies.

Genetic affinities of Ukrainians from the maternal perspective ... 1/abstract

The haplotype co-occurrence clusters are fascinating, but it's difficult to say what they might represent. ... 5b866cd3e6

Gail, any comments?

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Yes, it looks very interesting - I don't have the full paper, but I'm eager to read it and to see the full sequences. The sup materials only include the HVR results, but it appears they also sequenced the coding region.

One of the things I've been wondering about is whether we can identify an Indo-European signature in mtDNA. There are numerous relatively young subclades, found in various haplogroups, that have a distribution that includes Europe but more northern and eastern Europe, Russia and a few samples in south Asia. For example, we just had a new sample in U5a2a1 from India. U5a2a1 expanded rapidly beginning around 6000 years ago, so perhaps it was present in Indo-Europeans?

I'm still very uncertain on the reliability of phylogeographic analysis using modern distributions. But it sounds like there are hundreds of samples of ancient DNA in the pipeline that should give a better picture.

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