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newtoboard wrote:
Diana Sotela wrote:
newtoboard wrote:Anybody know why they have such a weird mtdna distribution in addition to so much ydna G?

Have a lookie at this map. This may help. What type of Mt dna do the Kalash have?


Which is weird. U2i isn't uncommon and neither is U2e in NW South Asia (U2e seems to be present in Central Asia) but how did the Kalash end up exclusively U2e?

U4 is also found in the area but usually U5a (which is eastern european and came with IE speakers) is more common.

J1 isn't rare in Pakistanis.

R0a is rare in general.

Genetic drift can explain a lot. The Kalash were originally in Afghanistan and they were pushed out by the armies of Emir Abdur Rahman Khan from the Konar Mountains and given refuge in British India, which later became Pakistan. Their mtDNA should be very similar to the Nuristani people of Afghanistan, who are basically the same people. Afghans, Kalash, and Burosho share a lot of similar haplogroups.

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