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PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:05 am
DavidCoutts wrote:Thanks! Do you know if I can use GedMatch with ScotlandsDNA Autosomal test results?

They use Family Tree DNA, 23andme, and in the past few months they started taking Ancestry user's raw data.

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Mehrdad wrote:Why is it that none of my GEDmatch matches are from South Asia? I have been trying to find matches running the one-many matches and all my matches are either have American or European ancestry and none from South Asia.

It probably is due to the lack of testers from that area. Most people testing their dna are most likely Americans/Canadians or western Europeans. I apparently have some distant Armenian/Anatolian ancestry and have found only one confirmed match through Gedmatch(although I have found more through 23andMe; unfortunately, none of them have responded to my requests for contact). Especially for Americans whose ancestors mixed many years ago in Europe, they may be unaware of other ancestries. Interestingly, when I use some of the tools at Gedmatch, it appears that some of my other matches share with my Armenian match, but when I contact them, they have no knowledge of this type of ancestry. :?

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