Comparing ISB Values among Finns and Northern Europeans

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leonardo wrote:
Jaska wrote:Now I can at last compare different raw data files, here are illustrations of the results:

Great work Jaska. the detail to your efforts is especially impressive. Can you tell us something about your K-Means clustering, i.e., what populations you used for its determination?

PAST manual tells this:
"K-means clustering (e.g. Bow 1984) is a non-hierarchical clustering method. The number of clusters
to use is specified by the user, usually according to some hypothesis such as there being two sexes,
four geographical regions or three species in the data set.
The cluster assignments are initially random. In an iterative procedure, items are then moved to the
cluster which has the closest cluster mean, and the cluster means are updated accordingly. This
continues until items are no longer "jumping" to other clusters. The result of the clustering is to some
extent dependent upon the initial, random ordering, and cluster assignments may therefore differ
from run to run. This is not a bug, but normal behaviour in k-means clustering."

So it finds out the defined number (I chose 4, 7, 10 and 15) of most coherent groups.
I will write out the procedure and the results in the future (as PDF). Now it's nice to have many Russians, Northern Russians and Lithuanians in addition to Finns, but Western European samples are still only few.

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