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Pictorial Comparison of AncestryDNA and FTDNA Pop Finder

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:29 am
by gbook
Now that I (finally) have my results from AncestryDNA, it's interesting to compare them to my FTDNA Population Finder results. I'm also adding my siblings' Population Finder results (based on uploaded data from 23andMe, in their case).


Now here are my siblings' Population Finder maps:


We're full siblings, but look how different the maps are! My brother's map includes Spain, France, and Germany -- which fits our known ancestry, except that it leaves out Great Britain. My siblings and I are about 1/4 British (mainly Scots-Irish). We're also about half German, and an eighth Menorcan Spanish. The remaining eighth is a jumble that includes French, Swiss, Alsatian, Dutch, and Choctaw [or possibly, Chitimacha]. However, my brother's map -- like mine -- also includes Finland and western Russia, where we have no known ancestry for at least three hundred years (probably longer).

My sister's map includes France and Germany, though not Spain, and it skips over Finland/Russia and picks up the Far East. I can only imagine that our small amount of Native American ancestry, while not detected as such, has the effect of "pulling" our ancestry maps to the east of where they actually belong. This may be because it's both more distant and more blended. (Our know Native American ancestor is several generations removed from us, but also is our ancestor by more than one path.)

Interestingly, the main visual difference between my AncestryDNA map and my own Population Finder map is that the former does not include Spain or Italy. It's also more tenative, in that it allows for "7% uncertain". It isn't shown on the Population Finder map, of course, but my Population Finder results are given as "100% European" with a margin of error of only "±0.01%" (which seems vaguely arrogant to me).

Also note that Germany -- which on paper represents half my ancestry -- is included on both my siblings' Population Finder maps, but not mine.

[And before anyone asks, yes, it is quite clear from our 23andMe results that my brother, sister, and I are indeed full siblings.]

Re: Pictorial Comparison of AncestryDNA and FTDNA Pop Finder

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:48 am
by gbook
Here's how things stack up now that FTDNA has shifted from "Population" Finder to "MyOrigins".

Previously, both my brother Curt and I were shown as having 100% European ancestry, with a significant Russian/Finnish component unknown in our family tree. Our sister Luci was shown as having in addition a tiny East Asia component, with virtually all of her European ancestry reported as "French".

Now, Curt is reportedly 94% European, 4% Middle Eastern, and 1% New World.
CB - MyOrigins.JPG

I am likewise reported to be 94% European, but with 2% Middle Eastern, 3% Central/South Asian, and 1% East Asian.
GB - MyOrigins.JPG

Luci is reportedly 89% European, 6% Jewish Diaspora, 5% Middle Eastern, and 1% East Asian.
LB - MyOrigins.JPG

There are also now results for an additional sibling. Our sister Kim is reported as 100% European. All of this is further identified as "Southern, Western, and Central European". This is, in fact, identical to how our father is now reported. I will see if I can add pictures for Kim and our father in a later post, since the maximum for attachments is three.

I should note that we have no known Jewish ancestry, and it only occasionally shows up in BGA calculators. Doug McDonald, however, estimated something like 22% for me -- nearly the equivalent of a Jewish grandparent. My contrast, I have practically no AJ cousins at 23andMe, so I'm pretty sure it's some other component which is being interpreted as Jewish.

My siblings and I do have a very small amount of documented Native American ancestry. It's quite a few generations back, but in a branch of the family which experienced an fair amount of inbreeding. (The closest I'm aware of being first cousins once removed. But there were also second cousin and more distant cousin marriages. But, yes, I do have the expected number of digits. Six on each hand, right? :roll: )

23andMe shows about 2% Native American ancestry for me and for all five of my siblings -- two of whom don't have FTDNA uploads because, unfortunately, their tests were on the v4 platform. AncestryDNA also reports 1% for me.