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Genetic Communities

PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:44 am
by dartraighe
Ancestry has added two new areas to my genetic communities.

Ireland and Scotland

Ulster, Ireland
Louth & Monaghan 517 matches
South Down & North Louth 301 matches
Monaghan 211 matches
Louth 97 matches
Tyrone, Derry & Antrim 309 matches

Scottish Highlands & Islands
Sutherland & Caithness 351 matches
164 matches

These autosomal results do not reflect my Y line. I have one Big Y match from the Irish midlands, estimated TMRCA 1,300 ybp, and another Big Y match from Wales, estimated TMRCA 1,850 ybp.

Also, a new book about tracing ones ancestors through dna. ... ages/55511