MtDNA J - In pre-Neolithic Europe!

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J came into existence in the Middle East, around 30 thousand years ago most likely in or near the Fertile Crescent. J2 is older than J1 (but J1 is almost 5 times larger than J2), 29.3 thousand years versus 22.5 thousand years, and I'm guessing J2 arose in the same location due to the closeness in age estimates. 23andme says J2 arose in the Near East, or possibly Egypt, and suggests the subclade J2a may be indigenous to Europe. J1 being younger could have arisen elsewhere but based on the prevalence maps, the Near/Middle East looks likely: ... 5048PM.png

J1c seems uniquely abundant in Europe and not the Near East/Middle East and I've read some feel it arose in Northern Spain among the Basque. ... 1531PM.png

J1c's age estimate is currently 21 thousand years and if it did arise among the Basque is more evidence that J existed in pre-Neolithic Europe. In the most current Phylogenetic Tour of JT, Jim Logan seems to agree:
The age of J and T and their first order divisions suggest that migration into Europe was occurring well before introduction of agriculture. Currently available genetic alone data does not permit a definitive determination of the geographic location of the clades.

Here are some nice resources to examine:
On the Structure and Age of Haplogroup JT ˗ A Phylogenetic Tour (New)

A Comprehensive Analysis of mtDNA Haplogroup J (Older)

Supplemental Data Mitochondrial DNA Signals
of Late Glacial Recolonization of Europe from Near Eastern Refugia ... 2.mmc1.pdf
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