Anything new with mtDNA J2s?

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Alas it seems that not a lot of very clear data has come out about J2s since the reorganization of the mtDNA J tree. Does anyone have any good news about the patterns of our subclade?

My tiny corner, which is J2b1a2, has not acquired any new members in the J project in years it seems. Two Portuguese, one English, and my own colonial Virginian ancestress of probably English ancestry, and we're still there waiting for more to fall in our category....
Y DNA lineage ancestor: Isaac Farris (b. 1787 in Virginia, USA)
mtDNA lineage ancestress: Ruth Stovall (b. 1731 in Virginia, USA)
Oldest known of any line: Ralfe Hurte (b. ca. 1410, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England)

Known Surnames of 3rd gr.-grands:
Farris, Ramey, Montgomery, Summers, Tupman, Reynolds, Griffin, Atkinson, Powell, Witt, Dunaway, Woolery, White, Nickerson, Griest, Humbert, Mullin, Peacock, Heeter, Peters, Kern, Law, Meade, Conley, Estep, Lemaster, May, Caudill, Cooper, Salyer

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