About K1c1f again

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I have written a lot about the mt hg. K1c1f of my wife and children from Sicily. Firstly I thought that its origin were from Vandals or Normans, but, having found a K1c1* from Tuscany recently, I said that the origin of the hg should have been thought again, and many K1c1* has been published recently also from Coia et al. from Italian Alpine samples. Very likely the K1c1 found in Bell Beakers from Germany (Ostenhofen-Altenmarket , RISE563) was a K1c1f, even though not all the bps were tested, because, having the mutation G13708A, this mutation is also in this sample from Slovakia:

2. HQ398201(Slovak) FTDNA K1c1f 26-OCT-2010
A73G T146C T152C A263G 315.1C C498- A750G T1189C A1438G A1811G A2706G A3480G A4769G G6305R C7028T A8860G G9055A A9093G T9698C A10398G A10550G C10698T T11299C G11377A A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A C12636T G13708A C14167T C14766T T14798C A15326G T16224C T16311C T16519C

Thus we may presuppose that K1c1f migrated to Germany with Bell Beakers and an origin from Italy shouldn’t be excluded.

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