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Last news about K1a1b1a (and my K1a1b1e)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 6:52 am
by Gioiello
When I wrote that Ashkenazic (and Sephardic) Jews had a little to do with OId Jews, when I spoke about my K1a1b1e with the basal samples in Tuscany, when Jews tried to do that the paper of Costa et al. 2013 weren't published, all my banishments, etc etc.
The aDNA says the truth now:
Click to view original post in dataset or 'Obejct ID - Location' to show object on the map. Y-DNA mtDNA Mean Age (ybp) Country - Culture
BAL10 - Bátaszék-Lajvér () K1a1b1a 6575 Hungary - Lengyel_LN
BAL11 - Bátaszék-Lajvér () K1a1b1a 6575 Hungary - Lengyel_LN
UN125 - Urville-Nacqueville necropolis () K1a1b1a 2200 France - Gaul
HAPLOTREE.INFO - Map based on All Ancient DNA v. 2.06.157.

VK304 - Skara
F-M89 (F)
Sweden - Viking Sweden

RISE1162 - Koszyce, site 3
I-L801 (I2a) K1a1b1e
Poland - GAC-Koszyce

RISE1170 - Koszyce, site 3
() K1a1b1e
Poland - GAC-Koszyce

RISE1164 - Koszyce, site 3
() K1a1b1e
Poland - GAC-Koszyce

arm19 - Nerqin Getashen
() K1a1b1e
Armenia - Lchashen-Metsamor

These are the K1a1b1e in aDNA, but only in Tuscany to-day we have basal haplotypes, and Polish samples, with Y I-L801, may derive from Western European Hunter-gatherers migrated from South as I think happened for many Y Hg R.

Re: Last news about K1a1b1a (and my K1a1b1e)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 9:32 am
by Gioiello
Christopher Coman-Schulz
Gioiello Tognoni what does all this mean? Could you explain it as though you're talking to someone with very little knowledge? (which is true in my case) hehe

Gioiello Tognoni
mt haplogroup K1a1b1a is believed to be an "Ashkenazic" or anyway Jewish haplogroup, being about 40% of the Ashkenazic Jews, but not only me from more than ten years but also the paper of Costa et al. 2013 demonstrated that all these haplogroups with also K2a2(a1) and others (being till 90% or even more of the Jewish pool) were introgressed from Europe. These data now demonstrated that K1a1b1a was in Europe more than 6000 years ago and also in France 2200 years ago, long before the diaspora and it wasn't ever found in Near East. Our K1a1b1e has been found in Poland and also Armenia but only in Tuscany we have the basal haplotye, i.e. that without mutations beyond our G9932A, and all they may have come from the Italian refugium or at least the WHG as Y hg I-L801 who derives, as the map demonstrates, from I-M223 come from Mesolithic Italy.