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I am seeing that in the last update of the YFull tree with some of the Sardinian samples from Francalacci et al. 2103 the sample 983 (of Francalacci 2015) has been put in the R-L23-CTS9219-Y10789 cluster with the samples YF02716 and YF01929. This cluster is the “Balkan cluster” (whose discovery , name, etc, is due to me and Argiedude), whereas in the “R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA project” of the FTDNA, mastered by smal (Sergey Malyshev), this Sardinian sample is put outside this cluster and under R-CTS9219. As I hypothesized many years ago that the “Balkan cluster” might have come from Italy, having found on SMGF the haplotype of Risso from Liguria (Ysearch: EK3WY) that seemed to me a possible ancestor of this cluster, I’d ask to the YFull team which elements have they for putting the Sardinian sample in this cluster not being it positive for the SNP Y10789 (BY611/A1777). It is true that the Sardinian samples, being at a low coverage, when the samples of the same haplogroup are a few and above all when they are only one, they are scarcely tested, but we cannot presuppose the SNPs. The Sardinian sample has the SNPs Y: 15689304 (A>G), Y: 17713385 (A>T) and Y:22461390 (C>T) in common with all the subclade of CTS9219, but not specifically with the “Balkan cluster”.

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