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I wrote in the past that Richard Rocca was (and is) a lackey of Jews. He writes now on Anthrogenica (that I cannot read) that “I have a personal interest in that my maternal grandfather’s Y-haplogroup is J1. His family is from Avellino in Southern Italy. Going back many years, on this site or others, I’ve always proclaimed that it was likely brought to Southern Italy by a Semitic speaker”.
But the haplogroup of his Italian maternal grandfather from Avellino is J1-FGC4745/FGC4766+PF5019+ and this is the YFull tree:

J-FGC4745 Y10745/FGC4766 * FGC4745/Y12510 formed 5600 ybp, TMRCA 4800 ybpinfo
• J-FGC4745*
o id:YF63058EGYnew
o id:YF06545ITA [IT-SA]
• J-HU58HU82/FGC63760 * HU85/FGC63763 * HU60/FGC63765+24 SNPs formed 4800 ybp, TMRCA 500 ybpinfo
o id:YF16888YEM [YE-IB]
o id:YF08829YEM [YE-RA]
• J-Y5148ZS9426 * ZS9424 * ZS9421+22 SNPs formed 4800 ybp, TMRCA 950 ybpinfo
o J-Y5148*
 id:YF04577SAU [SA-04]
o J-ZS10112ZS10112 * ZS10114 * ZS10111+3 SNPs formed 950 ybp, TMRCA 50 ybpinfo
 id:YF06439SAU [SA-01]
 id:YF05053SAU [SA-01]
• J-ZS6270ZS6270 * FGC42157 * ZS6261 formed 4800 ybp, TMRCA 4500 ybpinfo
o J-ZS6270*
 id:YF63217IRQ [IQ-BG]new
 id:YF15218GRC
o J-ZS6262ZS6286 * ZS6263 * ZS6262+18 SNPs formed 4500 ybp, TMRCA 800 ybpinfo
 id:YF63026PSE [PS-BTH]new
 id:YF04634PSE [PS-BTH]
Here we see that the idea (or the desire) of Richard Rocca to be of “Semitic origin” for all this Levantines in the tree is just a mirage, because Levantines have a very recent common ancestor and may have come from everywhere, whereas the oldest link is in J-FGC4745 between his ancestor and an Egyptian and in J-ZS6270* between a person from Iraq and a Greek, thus the origin may have come also from Europe to Near East (of course after a migration from Caucasus to Europe). Anyway hg J was the haplogroup of the European hunter-gatherers and hasn’t been found in aDNA in Near East before 4200 years ago.

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