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Hi everyone
my haplogroup is R30 . I couldnt find much information about this line . So to help other fellow R30s i am starting this thread for everything related to it .

Basically R30 is a south asian marker and a very old one at that .It is normally found at frequencies of 1-2% in india and surrounding counries .It is defined by a single coding region mutation under R at 8584 .
The majority of the R30s belong to three identified subclades R30a,R30b and R30c .The defining markers for these subclades are below

R30a- 2056,3316,4232,5442,8784,9156,9242,11047,12714,15055

So it seems that R30 went through severe bottlenecks before emerging into these main subclades .
There are many examples of R30* which doesnt belong these three defined subclades .

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