An "Italian" mt R from 42000ya

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I have spoken a lot about the "Italian Refugium" (it seems that to write this expression is forbidden in blog like Anthrogenica and others) and above all about the European origin of R0a'b and subclades till HV, H etc. Now we know that mt hg. R was in Italy already 42000 years ago:

"Viviane Slon and colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology were able to analyse the mitochondrial DNA from the Fumane 2 dental specimen, discovering that its mitochondrial genome falls within the variation of modern humans and basally in haplogroup R, which is typical for pre-agricultural mtDNAs in Europe".

I dedicate this thread to Jean Manco, Gail Tonnesen and to all the Anthrogenicians.

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