J&T: dispersals during the Late Glacial period

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Mitochondrial DNA Signals of Late Glacial Recolonization of Europe from Near Eastern Refugia

Here we report, on the basis of an enlarged whole-genome mitochondrial database, that a substantial, perhaps predominant, signal from mitochondrial haplogroups J and T, previously thought to have spread primarily from the Near East into Europe with the Neolithic population, may in fact reflect dispersals during the Late Glacial period, ∼19–12 thousand years (ka) ago.

http://www.cell.com/AJHG/abstract/S0002 ... %2900204-2

There's a wealth of data in the supplementals, including maps and charts, including many subclades except, of course, the one I am interested in: T2b7a1. In fact, I can't find any T2b7's at all. Am I reading this wrong? Thanks!
http://download.cell.com/AJHG/mmcs/jour ... 2.mmc1.pdf
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