Lucius Arturius Castus

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Many know the great read by Dr Linda Malcor, relating Lucius Arturius Castus to King Arthur, and his Sarmatian Knights.
I have just found a fictionalized historical work ... ius+castus
By " Lucius Artorius Castus, on his Sixth Sarmatian Legions war against the" Zombies of Armorica "

Yes, you thought you heard it all... but apparently it is a terrific read, and quite terrifying.
I read the first few pages online, and ordered it right away. I do not normally read fiction, but this looks good.
Arturius ( King Arthur) and his Sarmatian Knights battle the Walking Dead in Britain and Armorica.
" The Roman War Against the Zombies in Armorica"...
First the Saxons, now, Thw Walking Dead !
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