When did the father of the contemporary man live?

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Adam-L74; R1a-YP4700
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My suggestion the time of Y-Adam calculate
(based on SNP-tree in Prezi T.Krahn, supplemented by StP)

and tree SNP by Mendez:
http://www.tropie.tarnow.opoka.org.pl/p ... htm#280000

We should not suggest a post-Neolithic life expectancy
and the time of maximum fertility - about 30 years.

In Paleolithic this time was not more than 25 years.
Besides, you can also compare this time in human ancestors.
Human-chimp divergence date pushed back in time.
http://dienekes.blogspot.com/2012/08/hu ... -back.html
Langergraber et al. 2012:
"(Chimpanzee) The average age of reproduction was 25 years for females and
24 years for males, giving them an average generation time of about 25 years.
Gorilla females ... the average generation time for both sexes was about 19.3 years."

Because I think the result of the conversion 338.000 ybp
to about 280.000 ybp - for standard 25 years per generation - is rational.

This means that Y-Adam lived approximately 280,000 years ago.
(Updt. 9.03.2013)

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