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I'm a descendant through my Maternal line. A well known Dutch family who was one of the first to the U.S. Colonies.

Do I share the line with anyone here? My GG grandmother was Altha Bert VanMeterb. 1873 Elizabethtown, KY, daughter of Leeanne VanMeter and Walter Prather VanMeter.
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:D Hi,

Only 25% of me (mother's mother) goes back to colonial times. But within that branch are many different threads. One of those supposedly goes back to a Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenburg, born 1614 in Limburg, Netherlands and died 1697 in Albany, NY. A supposed son, Hendrick Jacobs Falkenburg 1645-1740 started a line that led to my branch, which went south to the Carolinas. Eventually an offshoot went up to Kentucky and on to Indiana; which led to my grandmother (born 1897 in Wisconsin).
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