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This should be of interest to those with known or suspected Irish roots:

"The Ireland Reaching Out (IrelandXO) programme is based on a simple idea;
instead of waiting for people of Irish descent to trace their roots, we go the
other way. Working through voluntary effort at a townland, village and parish
level in Ireland, we identify who left those areas, and trace them and their
descendants worldwide. IrelandXO offers a free service and it is a not for
profit organisation.

This reverse genealogy entails the tracing and recording of all the people who
left Ireland and seeking out their living descendants worldwide. Those
identified or recognised as persons of Irish heritage or affiliation are invited
to become part of a new extended Irish society.

IrelandXO offers an extraordinary opportunity for local parish communities to
extend the numbers of people committed to their parish by inviting its own
Diaspora worldwide to become involved in their place of origin. This programme
is an opportunity to boost tourism and bring economic benefit to the area.

IrelandXO currently has over 500 parishes engaged with active volunteers
assisting in answering questions and queries and are continuing our rapid roll
out to all areas in 2013.

Throughout the expansion of the programme we endeavour to respond to all
enquiries even in communities where we have yet to confirm a volunteer

See also the FAQ.

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