why no R1b Mod?

You can discuss some non-genetic or non-genealogical things here. Pull up a chair and have a beer! But if you bring up politics or religion, the barman will cut you off. The forum rules do apply here especially regarding civility.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:35 pm
nevermind, problem solved
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Lostboy wrote:no moderator for R1b, Admin hasn't logged in almost a year
personal insults should not be allowed

If you was referring to my letter, this reinforce what I thought and wrote about you: you very likely are writing here only for trying to make someone ban me, and I think I know who you are. You wanted that everyone thought you were a newby, but you aren’t a newby, and above all you haven’t given so far no witness about your tests, your data in any project. Perhaps you know that your people was defeated by mine 2000 years ago, some tens of years ago, and by me now about their ideas and businesses.

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