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Is it really old J2a in Near East)

PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2021 5:05 pm
by Gioiello
Kevin - Samples Zarzian and Trialetian cultures
Gioiello - Where is the aDNA of hg. J in Semite world?
Kevin - There are ancient samples of J-M205 in the Levant
Gioiello - Where? When? Phylotree of my friend Hunter is completely wrong.
Kevin - Ah
Gioiello - This sample from 3650 years ago in Lebanon may have come from everywhere. It isn't the ancestor of no subclade up there. We should look at its origin. There were many people from chariot drivers from Sintashta then, Mitanni for instance.
Certainly ERS2364930 from Italy and ERS2364929 from Greece are older because separated 5800 years ago, and also R1283 from Italy and YF63849 and YF19979 from Ukraine. The oldest is YF13108 from Uzbekistan, even though it is only one and we should find another linked to it in the same country for being sure that it were up there from old times.
When you find downstream many samples from Near East be sure that they are more than one separated in the same place because we don't know the age of separation, i.e. of the origin, of only one, and you'll realize that they are pretty always recent.