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The Ukrainian DNA Project

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:18 am
by Volodymyr
I has started The Ukrainian DNA Project at FTDNA open to all FTDNA members, both YDNA and mtDNA, who has Ukrainian ancestral ties with the modern-day Ukraine, as well as with the Ukrainian ethnic lands outside it where Ukrainians comprised a significant portion of the population at some point in time. These ethnic land include, but not limited to, Zakerzonnya (Transcurzon Land - Lemkivshchyna, Pidlyashshya, Sokal'shchyna, Ravshchyna, Kholmshchyna), Beresteyshchyna, Starodubshchyna, Slobozhanshchyna, Kuban', Marmoroshchyna, Pryashivshchyna, Siryy Klyn, Zelenyy Klyn, Malynovyy Klyn, Zhovtyy Klyn.

The Project page is located at

If you are of Ukrainian origin, you are welcome to join us!

If you have already tested with FTDNA (or the Genographic project):
    Login to your FTDNA account with your kit number and password
    Click "My FTDNA Home"
    Click "Join Projects"
    Type "Ukrainian" in the search field
    Click the highlighted project name "Ukrainian DNA"
    Click "Join" at the bottom of the page
Remember to fill in complete information about your direct paternal and maternal lines.

If you have not tested with FTDNA yet, please order your new test here using discounted group rates: