Snail genes reveal human migration to Ireland

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"A genetic similarity between snail fossils found in Ireland and the Eastern Pyrenees suggests humans migrated from southern Europe to Ireland 8,000 years ago."

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Citation: Grindon AJ, Davison A (2013) Irish Cepaea nemoralis Land Snails Have a Cryptic Franco-Iberian Origin That Is Most Easily Explained by the Movements of Mesolithic Humans. PLoS ONE 8(6): e65792. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065792

Clinton P

FullGenomes #: FG1048A

Hg: R1b1a2a1a1a7 [R-U106 > L217]
Positive: U106, P25, M343, M269, M207, M173, L217.
Negative: Z381, Z19, Z18, U198, U152, SRY2627, P89.2, P66, P107, M73, M65, M37, M222, M18, M160, M153, M126, L6, L5, L48, L47, L46, L44, L259, L257, L199, L127.2, L1.

Hg: H2a2b1
HVR1: 16235'G', 16291'T', 16357'C'.
CR: 8860'G', 15326'G'.
HVR2: 263'G', 309.1'C', 315.1'C', 522'-', 523'-'.

ySearch & mtSearch ID: R464G

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