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Native Zoroastrians (Iranian Zoroastrians and Parsis) are the direct descendants of ancient Iranians

Modern Parsis of India, as well as the Zoroastrians of Iran are the direct descendants of the ancient Zoroastrian population that was prevalent in Sassanian Iran. For centuries they have preserved their ancient religion and not mixed with the surrounding non-Zoroastrian population. About their Y-haplogroup, we know the Y-haplogroups of the ancient Iranians of the Sassanid era.

In Qamar et al. (2002) surveyed 90 Parsis from Karachi, and he has revealed that they have the following haplogroups: R1a, R1b, R2a, H, L, G2a, J1, J2 and E1b1b1. Haplotypes are here.

In Iranian DNA Project you can find haplotype of Iranian Zoroastrian priest (haplogroup T). Haplogroup T was not observed among Parsis of Pakistan.

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