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Hi all,

We've climbed some big mountains and made huge discoveries about the earliest roots of the Y-DNA tree, but this is far from the end of the story. New research horizons are always opening up. There are still many A Haplogroup project members whose Y-DNA hasn't been properly categorized and explored, even if we have a general idea of where they must belong. New subclades are probably still waiting to be found.

Many of the members are not financially able to cover the costs of their testing. There are some members who have only had 12 markers tested, who need to be upgraded to at least 37 markers, and some who have 37, but who for our research, should be tested to at least 67. And we have hardly any 111-marker haplotypes, which would be so helpful in making more accurate tree diagrams from their STR data!

So, I want to appeal to everyone who has curiosity and interest in discovering all the early branches of the Y tree to please continue your financial support, as we've used all the funds we had, and people are still needing help!

Here's a link to make a donation to our General Fund: http://www.familytreedna.com/group-gene ... px?g=AYDNA

Thanks to all our supporters,


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