J1c3d L1253

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J-L147.1 J1c3d L1253
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:38 pm
FTDNA has a new Y Group J1c3d with SNP L1253
If you are interested please look at the Y DNA Haplogroups J....Graham/Jordan J1c3d new SNP L1253 and L1252
You will find much info about the new WTY SNP and the new group.
Thanks , Gato :D
Y J1c3d P58+ L147.1+ L222- 174- Z644- Z640- Z644- +L1252 +L1253 L1279- Z1884+ CTS5857-
FTDNA N42042
Oldest Y ancestor:
Archebald Graham, father of David b. Dec. 23, 1647 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Oldest Mt: My mother's grandmother on her Mother's side: Sonicooie b +- 1743 CNE [Cherokee Nation East]was father to Soniovie [Susannah] Sonicooie
My mother's grandmother on her father's side was 1/2 Creek Indian from Alabama

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