When Old Books seem not agreeing with Modern Science

Possible time of origin: Less than 18,500 YBP
Possible place of origin: Eurasia, most probably South Asia, or Central Eurasia.
Defining mutations: M420 (also includes M17, M198, SRY1532.2 and SRY10831.2)
Highest frequencies: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and Siberia. (See List of R1a frequency by population)

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When Old Books seem not agreeing with Modern Science: about R1a Levites again.


From: Meir Halevi Gover, Book of Levi, pp. 566-7 :
Throughout this book we attempted to drew a plausible line from 13th century BCE Levi the son of Patriarch Jacob in Israel to 3rd Century CE Joshua Ben-Levi in Ziporri, possibly our Levite R1a-Y2619 common ancestor.
From 3rd Century CE Joshua Ben-Levi (RIVAL) to his 4th-5th Century sons, grandsons and greatgrandsons who spread over the eastern east Mediterranean Basin possibly in their capacity as Rabbis and Jewish religion teachers.
Then the main Y2619 Levite cluster developed about 10 Y2919*6 sub-clusters which carry today about 10% of the Y2619 Levites.
The three sizable Levite sub-clusters evolved were:
The 3rd-6th century CE FGC18222 Levite sub-cluster possibly created in the eastern Mediterranean: the Fertile Crescent, Asia Minor or the Aegean Sea. Carries today about 35% of the Y2619 Levites;
The 6th Century CE Y2630 Levite sub-cluster possibly emerging in Iberia. Carries today about 45% of the Y2619 Levites;
The 6th Century BY 29826 Levite sub-cluster which possibly emerged in the north east Mediterranean. Carries today about 10% of the Y2619 Levites
Those Y2619 Levite sub-clusters arrived in central Europe; mainly the Rhineland and Bohemia as early as the 6th century CE.
From central Europe they turned east and west.
West to the lower countries of Europe, mainly the Netherlands and from there over the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, North and South-America.
The 17th Century CE Thirty Year War7 pushed much of the Jewish population in central Europe into east Europe, concentrating mainly in the Jewish Pale8.
18th-19th centuries Pogroms, mainly in east Europe pushed them to the Americas, mainly to the US.
6 “*” denotes small sub‐clusters directly under the Levite hasplogroup Y2619. Some, due to their small size, were not fully detected as of yet.
7 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years%27_War
8 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pale_of_Settlement
Middle of the 20th century, in the post holocaust era, the European Jewish Holocaust remains dispersed all over the world, mainly to America, Israel, Canada, Australia, South America and South-Africa.
A 3,300 year Levite round trip, through catastrophes, pitfalls and smiles, brought us into the 21st century and we’re going stronger, vibrant, alive and kicking stronger yet.
Wasn’t it an amazing trip?
Empires collapsed, kingdoms vanished, nations crumbled and entire populations vanished long time ago, but we’re here. Here to stay.
Or are we?

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