Flemish DNA and Italian Refugium

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I thank Dartraighe for having sent me these data, where it seems clear to me that this part of Europe isn't the origin of R1b, but a sink where it came from elsewhere.
Only 1 R-L389* (xP297)
Only 1 R-M269* (zL23)
Only 3 R-Z2103
R1b R-M412*(xL11) may be not R-L51* but a partial R-L52 like the sample of Amerighi from Siena and to be in favour of a German medieval origin of his family.
The presence of R1b begins with the subclades of R-L11*.
Of course I think that also this is another demonstration of an Italian Refugium, but also of a probable expansion from Central Europe.

Here is the R1b for the Flemish study. There are more P312 than U106.
R1b R-L389*(xP297) 1
R1b R-M269*(xL23) 1
R1b R-Z2103 3
R1b R-M412*(xL11) 1
R1b R-L11*(xU106,P312) 6
R1b R-U106*(xZ8057,Z18,Z381,FGC396) 2
R1b R-Z18 5
R1b R-Z156 21
R1b R-Z301*(xU198,L48) 3
R1b R-U198 2
R1b R-L48*(xL47,Z9) 3
R1b R-L47 5
R1b R-Z9*(xZ30,Z331) 1
R1b R-Z30 12
R1b R-Z331 7
R1b R-FGC396 1
R1b R-P312*(xL238,DF19,DF99,DF27,U152,M529) 1
R1b R-DF19 10
R1b R-DF99 1
R1b R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) 6
R1b R-Z225 1
R1b R-Z2552 1
R1b R-Z2557 1
R1b R-Z34609 3
R1b R-Z209*(xZ216,CTS4065) 4
R1b R-Z216*(xZ214) 1
R1b R-CTS4065 1
R1b R-Z198*(xZ262) 1
R1b R-Z262 3
R1b R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) 4
R1b R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) 7
R1b R-Z34 1
R1b R-Z49*(xZ142) 5
R1b R-Z142 3
R1b R-Z36 2
R1b R-Z56*(xS47,Z144) 1
R1b R-S47 3
R1b R-Z144 1
R1b R-Z192 3
R1b R-M529*(xDF63,DF13) 2
R1b R-DF63 1
R1b R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) 11
R1b R-DF21*(xP314,Z246,S3058) 1
R1b R-DF41 2
R1b R-DF49*(xDF23) 2
R1b R-L513 3
R1b R-Z251 3
R1b R-Z2534 3

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