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J from where?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:01 am
by Gioiello
Alberto Mussa
Yfull has now a Syrian near a Portuguese, under BY-22506, member of SK-1344 of M92. Phoenicians? Any comments?
Gioiello Tognoni YF14932 and YF05862 have a MRCA at 3600 years ago, and you think that Syrian may be a Phoenician and the Portuguese have a Phoenician origin, but all the upstream and the downstream haplotypes are European, so I think that also this time is demostrated that your pretension to be the lux ex Oriente and not to be you who had a foreign origin is wrong. Hg. J (both J1 and J2) in Near East is recent and came from the Caucasus or even from Europe.
Alberto Mussa I was online asking a question, I have no pretension, dear cousin Gioiello Tognoni.
Gioiello Tognoni Alberto Mussa, I said “you” in the meaning of the carrier of these ideas, that are the ideas of the levantinists, of who thinks that all came from Middle East to Europe, and it isn’t difficult to know who are beyond that: it is enough to think who masters the American Universities of Harvard and Stanford and who funds these researches. Your surname could be also Italian (Mussa is diffused in Piedmont) and it is a paradoxe that an Italian also this time thinks to be from everywhere except from Italy.