Are there any G people with Geno 2.0 results ?

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I am still waiting for my results, but in the meantime I started comparing Y-DNA files from people who agreed to send them to me. The more files I can compare the more information I can find on the new Y-SNP, which I will share of course. So are there any G persons who tested there and are willing to share their Ydna files to improve our common knowledge ?

Thank you in advance.

Itaï Perez.

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By waiting for a next newsletter from the haplogroup G user group and Ray Banks, the last one is from 9April (already 2 and half months ago), I will try to list Geno 2.0 results in FTDNA list : ... ction=ysnp
On June, 25th there are 55 Geno2.0 tests for G haplogroup loaded in FTDNA

See also ... tal-g-tree
and ... -0-testers

G* and G1
129188 Hollinsworth G-M201* , seems neither G1, Nor G2 , an other branch ? He has 19 known markers of the root of G, but none of the branches. He owns about one hundred markers not found in other Geno2.0 tests of G people , but they were already determined in CTS , F, L, PF and Z markers.
CTS1034+, CTS10436+, CTS10738+, CTS11085+, CTS11454+, CTS11562+, CTS11844+, CTS12173+, CTS12632+, CTS2080+, CTS2223+, CTS230+, CTS2447+, CTS295+, CTS3234+, CTS335+, CTS3647+, CTS3763+, CTS3914+, CTS4276+, CTS4623+, CTS4714+, CTS477+, CTS5458+, CTS5580+, CTS6010+, CTS6135+, CTS6353+, CTS6384+, CTS6891+, CTS7453+, CTS7492+, CTS7859+, CTS7951+, CTS8133+,CTS8178+, CTS8244+, CTS9096+, CTS947+, CTS9512+, CTS9548+, F1173+, F1218+, F1221+, F1300+,F1327+, F1354+, F1369+, F1707+, F1761+,F1831+, F1833+, F1842+, F1870+, F1882+, F2000+, F2137+, F2150+,F2177+, F2223+, F2447+, F2494+, F2498+, F2503+, F2546+, F2631+,F2845+, F2853+, F2887+, F2932+, F3035+, F3039+, F3062+, F317+, F3187+, F3225+, F3394+, F3397+, F3455+,F375+, F3948+, F3965+, F4113+, F4131+, F4154+, F4232+, F4262+, F4277+, F4297+, F4341+, F830+, F842+, F858+, F869+, F889+, F910+, F942+, F943+, F969+, L366+, L477+, L493+, L515+, L516+, L517+, L520+, L521+, L522+, L523+, L524+, L552+, L594+,M201+, M263+, PF5061+,PF6868+, PF7392+, Z148+, Z191+, Z365+

Are there false positives ? or tis reveals a very old unknown branch of the haplogroup G parallell to G1 and G2. We will wait for the conclusions of true specialists.

247079 Benton G1-M342 CTS11562+ F1218+ F1354+ F1361+ F2302+ F2447+ F2498+ F2853+ F2885+ F3062+ F4113+ F4154+ F4232+ F4262+ F4297+ F4341+ F858+ M201+ M342+ L201- P20- P76-

N113627 Friedericks G1-M342 same markers as Benton except F2885-.

135140 Kabacher G1a1-L201 L201+ L202+ L203+ L204 (hg mainly Jewish-Ashkenaze)
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G2a1c2a1b L497/S317, L353_1, L353_2
Other SNPs equivalents to L497 : Z738/CTS1899, Z748/CTS7111, Z728/PF6850, Z754/PF6852.

183444 Den Besten PF5609+ PF2790- PF2790 is found in other G-L497. The name is Dutch.

Z1815/CTS9737 below L497 and equivalents.

N20357 Smith ( Baden-Germany) . CTS11352- (false negative ?)

G2a1c2a1b1 Z725 below Z1815/CTS9737. Z759/CTS11352 is equivalent to Z725

N22345_ Allen_________F2302+ P135- (false negative ?)
N50069_ Sauls
N102901 Schwartz
251880 Chayer-McLean (adopted) M201- (?)
88397___Bird (Broxton-England) L353+ (?) PF3123- PF3125- PF3346- (false negatives ?)

G2a1c2a1b1a L43/S147 under Z725
• G2a1c2a1b1a1 L42/S146 under L43

N96087 Valetic-Valeta (Montenegro) YSC33+
118173 Gaudet (France) __________I found 30 SNPs (they are 34 according to Ray Banks, true or false positives ?) CTS10687+ CTS10966+ CTS3183+ CTS3394+ CTS3395+ CTS4784+ CTS5519+ CTS5626+ CTS6465+ CTS7306+ CTS7538+ CTS9688+ CTS9715+ CTS9738+ CTS9805+ F1273+ F1296+ F1600+ F1800+ F1813+ F1877+ F2954+ F3831+ F4022+ F831+ L99+ PF3107+ PF7101+ Z38, Z70

G2a1c2a1b1b CTS6796/Z726 under Z725

N51499_ Wadsworth
N113777 Lorrie

CTS4803 under Z726

73572__Smithers (Surrey-England)
N12938_ Beyerle_____ CTS11352- PF258- (false negatives ?)
256566_ Hale________F2302+

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G2 (xG1ac2)


11871__Filippelli (Mendicino-Calabre-Italy)__ P15+U5+L31+L223 (and 13 other equivalents to P15 except CTS4367- ) P16-P303-M406-

N110396 Pozun (Poland ?)__ idem Filippili except L223- (but L223 is considered as instable by Ray Banks)


83339___Berezov (North Ossetia) P16+ P18-


N52911__Vicari (Castelterminy-Sicily) P16+P18+


N68054_ Penman__PF3146+ (and 17 other equivalents to PF3146) PF3177- L223+

N53811_ Douat (France ?)___ idem Penman except L223- (instable)


N114536 Slootmaekers (Dutch or Flemish name) PF3146+ PF3177+ (and equivalents as PF3148+ PF3155+ PF3160+PF3163+ PF3170+ PF3171+ but PF3237- PF3238-

216511_ Marres or Moreez (Maastricht-Netherland) idem Slootmaekers


170050- Wells__ idem Slootmaekers plus M286+


N92146_ Aminev (Russia ?) M406+ L14- L90- L645- F3378-

247979_ Schmidt (Switzerland) M406+ L14- L90- L645- F3378-

Tentative F3378

N15004_ Bautz_____________ M406+ L14- L90- L645- F3378+ PF3293+ PF3316+ PF3296+


B2640__ Mann or Maiden________M406+ L14+ L90+ PAGES25- CTS11876- L645- F3378-

260101_ Meta________________M406+ L14+ L90+ CTS11876+

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