New paper by Costa et al. on Ashkenazi mtDNA, mainly U8-K

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Hi all,

A major new paper was released yesterday by Costa et al. "A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages." See: ... s3543.html This paper deals mainly with haplogroups K and N1b2 and with K's "grandmother" U8, but there are discussions of other haplogroups and subclades that have minor Ashkenazi Jewish maternal founders. Included is a complete new U8-K tree, plus some smaller trees for the other subclades. Further comment on this will follow in time.

Ian Logan's interpretation of the 74 sequences on GenBank with this paper may be found here: ... 1380558272 A link to the second half of the sequences is at the bottom. Not all of the sequences are from Ashkenazi individuals; perhaps none are. The paper has a file with the origins of each sequence.

Bill Hurst

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