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After having tried to demonstrate that the K1c1f of my wife from Sicily and my children could come from the “Italian Refugium”, but finding those haplotypes firstly in Denmark and the Isles I opted first for a Norman origin, even thought it was unlikely to find in Sicily a “Norman” mt, being Normans above all men with French mothers. After, because this haplotype was present in central Europe and Poland, and lastly came out a perfect match with a Russian Ashkenazi Jew, I was convinced from some friends that it could be of Vandal origin, and possibly from those Vandal women who married Byzantine soldiers after the defeat of Vandals from the Byzantine Army. Ashkenazi Jews could have introgressed it in Southern Italy as it is demonstrated from many other hgs., both Y and mt. Hg. K1c1 seemed Neolithic in Europe and above all in Northern Europe, thus an Italian origin seemed unlikely, but a K1c1* of Tuscan origin, deeply rooted from paper trails in Crespina (Pisa), just the places where my family comes from, let me think again that my previous thought of an origin also of this hg. from the Italian Refugium shouldn’t be excluded. This K1c1* has in fact three rare mutations in the coding region not known elsewhere and also 2232.1A, known from the literature (very likely through the mt-s that FTDNA passed to Behar&Co. and I think it is that) but not found elsewhere, thus I concluded that this haplotype is separated from the birth from K1c1* and could be in Italy also from 7000 years. Of course other data will be able to shed other light upon it.

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