West Asian Y-DNA Hg Q - Turkish or Autochthonous Origins?

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West Asian Y-DNA Haplogroup Q - Turkish or Autochthonous Origins?


Y-DNA Haplogroup Q is defined by the M242 marker and is upstream to Haplogroup P-M45, making it the sister Haplogroup of R-M207, which populates much of West Eurasia. According to the Genographic Project, Haplogroup Q-M242 is between 15-20,000 years old, with the location invariably being placed around North Eurasia.

The frequency of Haplogroup Q largely matches the migration path outlined in the maps shown opposite. However, the presence of haplogroup Q in more southwestern portions of Asia has sparked the curiosity of genealogists and observers alike. In current literature, the presence of Haplogroup Q1a2-M25 specifically in Iran is cited as "Central Asian" influence. [1]

In an attempt to conclusively uncover the origins of Haplogroup Q-M242 in West Asia, the Y-STR haplotype variation of West, Central and South Asian Q1a-MEH2 and Q1b-M378 are visualised and analysed with genealogical tools.

http://vaedhya.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/w ... rkish.html
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I made a STR111 tree of haplogroup Q.
http://kurdishdna.blogspot.com/2012/10/ ... -tree.html


My tree includes the native American Q1a3a1 (cyan-blue) and the Ashkenazi Jewish cluster of Q1b.1a


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53601 of Ireland mysteriously falls near Q1a3 instead of his own Q1a2.

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