J1 Scottish Grahams

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J-L147.1 J1c3d L1253
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The J1 Scottish Grahams are an interesting enigma. How and by whom did the J1 Haplogroup arrive in Scotland. The FTDNA Graham project has put up several answers that can be read on the groups homepage under the NEWS heading. The Clan Graham web also has some interesting ideas.
I can trace my Y ancestors to David Graham b. Dec 23, 1647 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father was Archebald [Archibald] Graham. They moved to Roxburgh Shire where they lived for +-100 years.
I am a J1c3d. I have done The Walk Through The Y and L1253 was discovered. The SNP 1253 is characterized by the DYS of 388 having a 15; the 455 having 10 and the YCALL a 22-22. It appears that most if not all the Graham group J1 Grahams have these DYS
So where did it come from?
The preponderance of evidence for me goes for William de Graham bringing his J1c3d DNA to Scotland in 1124 when he came to Scotland with his friend King David.
So who was this first William Graham?
Again I think the evidence goes with him being Flemish and his father coming to England with King William the Norman as a Knight and a warrior.
So where did the Flemish J1 DNA come from?
I would think further DNA testing will tell the tale.
If any of you folks have a lineage to the Montrose Grahams or can trace your ancestors back to William de Graham then please do your Y 67 marker test with FTDNA. Taking the SNP L1253 test would be great also. If any of you know anyone of the Montrose Grahams then please influence them to test.
Lets get some answers to all our questions.
Y J1c3d P58+ L147.1+ L222- 174- Z644- Z640- Z644- +L1252 +L1253 L1279- Z1884+ CTS5857-
FTDNA N42042
Oldest Y ancestor:
Archebald Graham, father of David b. Dec. 23, 1647 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Oldest Mt: My mother's grandmother on her Mother's side: Sonicooie b +- 1743 CNE [Cherokee Nation East]was father to Soniovie [Susannah] Sonicooie
My mother's grandmother on her father's side was 1/2 Creek Indian from Alabama

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