Molecular genetic investigations on Austria's patron saint L

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Molecular genetic investigations on Austria's patron saint Leopold III // Forensic Science International: Genetics, Available online 8 November 2012

The successful marriage policy of margrave Leopold III increased the importance of the House of Babenberg in late medieval Austria (12th century). Historical documentation is inconclusive in providing evidence whether or not his eldest son Adalbert derived from an earlier relationship or from the marriage with King Henry IV's daughter Agnes of Waiblingen, with whom Leopold is considered to have had 17 children. As a matter of fact Adalbert was ignored in the line of succession in favor of a younger brother, Leopold IV, which has led to long term historical discussions. Human remains attributed to these individuals were subjected to DNA analysis. Autosomal, Y-chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA analyses brought successful results, which suggested that Leopold III, Agnes and Adalbert were related in parent–son constellation, in contrast to historical considerations. A possible mix-up of Adalbert's remains with those of his younger brother Ernst could not be confirmed by DNA analysis. ... 7312002360

Sample-ID DYS456 DYS389 I DYS390 DYS389 II DYS458 DYS19 DYS385 DYS393 DYS391 DYS439 DYS635 DYS392 YGATAH4 DYS437 DYS438 DYS448
AD 16 13 23 – 16 – 11, 14 13 (10), 11 – 23 13 12 15 12 19
L 16 13 23 28 16 – 11, 14 13 11 12 23 – 12 15 12 19
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So Leopold III and therefore the Babenberg family were belonging to R1b*

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