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This space should be the home of those whose ancestors made Wales their home at one time, either in the past or present. It is said, in good humor, that Welsh are really Irish who couldn't swim. Although we are brother Celts with the Irish, we do have our peculiarities; for instance, we keep sending people with beautiful voices out into the world - some become professional singers like Bryn Terfel, and others become actors, like Richard Burton. Music is at the heart of a Welshman.

I would invite your comment.


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As for myself, if I put together my maternal lineage more or less correctly, then I have Medieval Welsh connections via the House-of-Aberffraw. It seems my U5b2b2 line matched up with a male from that Welsh house on two different occasions over a few generations. I'd have to look at my tree to give exact dates and names. However, it looks like my U5b2b2 ultimately came from some kind of Danish/Angle/Jute/Norman origin (not Saxon). This U5b2b2 haplotype may well be found in and near Wales to this day.

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It's been a while since I looked at this post I made. Forget the first occasion ^. Now it looks like my sole connection to the House of Aberffraw (Llewlyn-the-Great), was when my assumed ancestress Joan "Lady of Wales" married Llewelyn in circa 1205. She was an illegitimate daughter of King John of England.
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